Paint portfolio

Wall Primer

Interior paintEcolabelAqueaous phase5 Liters pack2.5 Liters pack

Multipurpose tinted primer, essential to ensure optimal performances.

Wall Matt

Interior paintAqueaous phase5 Liters pack2.5 Liters pack10 Liters pack

Absolute mattness revealing the quintessence of colors carefully created with Flamant designers, with the greatest ease of application, and respecting quality and environment.

Lack Matt

Interior paintAqueaous phase2.5 Liters pack1 Liter pack

Resistant matt. With its light velvet touch and thanks to the new resins that were added to the composition, it guarantees a perfect result. A long-tasting paint that delivers an outstanding finish for walls and woods.

Wall & Wood Satin

Interior paintAqueaous phase2.5 Liters pack1 Liter pack

Ideal water-based paint for kitchens or bathrooms, for walls ad woods. Its resistance, close to traditional gloss paints, guarantees durability even in the most used rooms.

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